Term 4
Monday 9th October to Friday 22nd December
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Please contact us on 845 4599 or
e-mail us at info@tbss.co.nz for any queries.

The Trent Bray Swim School is a family-run business utilising the many years of swimming skills learnt by the family Directors (Trent Bray, Medea Bray, Sandra and Ian Burrow) sharing with you our knowledge, skill and the commitment to your children’s development as a swimmer.

Proper technique is of the utmost importance at the Trent Bray Swim School, our swimming lessons have been developed to give your children the best possible technique. At the Trent Bray Swim School we teach with the end result in mind so your children will be learning correct technique right from day 1.

 Mt Eden facility now has a new filtration system using ozone and UV combined. No smell, low chlorine, crystal clear water, great for swimmers and spectators.



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Don’t just take our word for it…

Having recently returned from two weeks in Australia where our accommodation had a deep pool it really reinforced to us the value of our investment in swimming lessons, and of starting our kids early as babies. With three children it’s a considerable cost each term however the rewards are priceless. To see our 5, 3 and 1 yr olds so confident in water well over their, (and our) heads and instinctively apply some of the safety techniques taught by the school was immense. Full credit to the amazingly talented and always patient staff of Trent Bray.

Liz C
The team at TBSS are always happy, friendly and so amazingly patient with our young ones. Thank you so much for providing such a great environment for our children to learn to swim.
Kylie N
We are so grateful for the effort made by TBSS to help our daughter enjoy swimming again. The result of your care and attention has been amazing. We are so glad we made the switch to TBSS, thank you so much.
Sarah F
Anyone who is looking at having their kids learn how to swim then I suggest this is the place. Trent And his team are amazing at providing outstanding service and quality lessons.
Ingo T

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Community Commitment

The Trent Bray Swim School is committed to helping the community by supporting your children with over 3000 free lessons each year. We do this by currently providing free lessons for Kowhai intermediate school, and previously Mt Albert Primary school from 2001, plus many free lesson gift certificates given to various schools each year. If your school would like to receive some free lesson gift certificates please enquire at info@tbss.co.nz

Free lessons since 2001
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