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pic3 Welcome to Trent Bray Swim SchoolThe Trent Bray Swim School is a family-run business utilising the many years of swimming skills learnt by the family Directors (Trent Bray, Medea Bray, Sandra and Ian Burrow) where we will share with you our knowledge, skill and the commitment for your children’s development as a swimmer.

Proper technique is of the upmost importance at the Trent Bray Swim School, our swimming lessons have been developed to give your children the best possible technique. At the Trent Bray Swim School we teach with the end result in mind so your children will be learning correct technique right from day 1.


TBSS » News:
Term 3 is all go today. If you are rebooking or joining us for the first time, please book either by coming down to the pool or calling us on 845-4599.
Term 2 is underway today. Spaces are still available. You can book either by calling on 845 4599 or pop on in and speek to one of our team.
Assessment week finishes on thursday the 3rd of April.
Because of Easter weekend and the term finishing on Thursday the 17th of April, assessment week will start on Friday the 28th of March. Please remember if you wanting to keep your same spot for next term to re book before or on your assessment day.
Please come and tell us how you have been doing at your school champs. We would love to hear how you have been swimming. We have already heard many wonderful stories so please keep us informed.

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